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So I went and recounted my number of original Transformers characters and the official count, (Which includes upgraded forms that received a new name and combined forms) is 145 original Transformers. Of that number there are Autobots and Decepticons as well as neutrals spread across five original universes/storylines as well as a few that aren't assigned to any of them at the moment.


:bulletblue:Transformers Destiny (TFD): Takes place on modern day Earth with all original characters and storyline. Kage Prime is a young, inexperienced Autobot leader thrust into the role by the turmoil of the war. The Matrix has been lost and the mad Decepticon Headgame is wreaking havoc in his wake. Only Kage and his small force of Autobots stand to defend Earth against Headgame's army of mechanical abominations. This story is most like the Transformers most people will know.

Transformers Future Era (TFE): Takes place on the lifeless hulk of Unicron's planet form. The Autobot's are a minority in this storyline with the Prime resisting a planet dominating Decepticon regime, using the Matrix to purify the planet's population of Unicron's influence, bringing them to the Autobot side.

Transformers: Clash of Legend (CoL): My Beast Wars analogue taking place either on Animatron or a primalized Cybertron I have yet to decide. All alt modes in this universe are based on mythical creatures with a rampaging Predacon army terrorizing the peace loving Maximals, leading them to seek out the Matrix to awaken the lost Prime and his fellow warriors to save them and end the war.

Transformers: Keys to the Core (KttC): Taking place across the various Cybertronian worlds and moons such as Cybertron, Velocitron, Combatron and so on. Seeking to reach the core of Cybertron in hopes of gaining limitless power the Decepticons are opposed by the Autobots. Both sides utilize drone vehicles along side their soldiers in combat, these drones provide extra firepower as well as having the capability to transform into weapon emplacements or to combine with a Transformer as a sort of power armor.

Transformers: Genesis Reborn (TF:GR): The war is over and won, though no side truly came out the victor as a titanic clash ensued between the opposing gods Unicron and Primus. In the aftermath both were left battered and broken, their shells near death and energy reserves all but depleted. With his last bit of life Primus christened the new Prime, Genesis, to lead all Cybertronians, Autobot and Decepticon alike in the quest for a new world to call home. And so with the last of their resources both sides came together as one and constructed an immense craft, the Ark, with it they would search for a new home together. Peace was a difficult thing and at times tempers and tensions ran high. Attacks from pirates and remnant Decepticons were always a threat to the mission. However, something of a darker nature stirred in the ruins of Unicron, a Dark Prime, one who would snuff out the last of Primus essence in the univers, or itself be extinguished. As well as a third being, one born of the battle between the gods, one as they once were, whole, yet in self conflict, one who could tip the balance in the favor of Primus' choosen, or Unicron's hunter.
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